Testing Game Mod(ification)s

Modifiability – moddability is an essential part of contemporary games, especially digital games. This is a parallel feature to the concept of mass customisation of products in “more serious business”. It starts from, where in Pokemon Go, the player can buy and choose clothing for their avatar. It’s deeper, when games provide downloadable content (DLC) that provide more outfits for the character, but possibly also more different equipment, and even more story to the game. The fundamental level is, where the players can create such extra content and provide it for other players to include in their games. At the deepest level, and actually, in it’s original form, it is when players reverse engineer games, hack them, and provide modified versions of the games with new features.

Game modding started out from replacing the graphics and sounds with new ones, often for comedic purposes.[1] Essentially this was borderline illegal, Continue reading “Testing Game Mod(ification)s”