Awareness of awareness

I have been reading Michael S. A. Graziano’s book “Consciousness and the Social Brain“, where Graziano explains his theory of what consciousness might be and how a brain might construct it. I now try to explain the gist of the theory with the following mental exercise: Consider that you are looking at a green apple. Your visual senses are providing your brain information about the apple, among many other things. Your brain now ignores the many other things by preforming attention on the information concerning the apple. Attention creates a representation of the apple in your brain, which is cognitive information that is stored as well as the sensory input was. This representation is your awareness of the apple: It is green. It has a stem. It is somewhat roundish.

Photo 30.10.2014 15.29.38

At this point, in your brain there is the awareness (the cognitive information) of the “greenness”. Continue reading “Awareness of awareness”