I recently learned of a Steam early access game In Verbis Virtus, where you cast magic by using your own voice. I also know that Linden Labs sees the future of Second Life in Voice, which is what they call their mechanism for people to use microphones to talk to each other in the virtual world.

Some time ago, I conducted interviews in Second Life for research. As I was laying out the plans for the interviews, I decided that I would accept interviews both through Voice and text chat. This decision was based on my earlier experience of Voice dividing people’s opinions. Especially people with hearing disabilities and people whose own voice was a significant mismatch with their avatar appearance, dislike Voice. For the latter, Second Life provides with voice transformers, which also helps those concerned over their privacy issues and want to maintain a distance between their Second Life identity and their real identity. The former would require some kind of speech-to-text service to provide them with subtitles for what the people are talking. Continue reading “Voice”