I spy with my little eye

The upcoming Google glasses have raised concern, or at least interest already among other bloggers too. These are the next technology after smart phones – smart glasses. They will show you, in your field of vision, what and who the things and people around your are. They will work with image identification and search engines – the glasses identify a face in the field of vision and do a Google look-up on them for you. Another feature appears to be that you can post images of what you see to the web, immediately, easily, and even automatically, timed. This is functionality that would be easily connected with Foursquare, Facebook and other social media services.

Now, to the question I always pose in this blog: Where are you with these glasses?

Thinking zombieThe glasses can be easy to forget. Even though you clearly are where you physically are, will you be aware that you are also online. With a smart phone you at least have to pick it in your hand, lift it, aim and press a button. The glasses aim constantly at everything you see.

With these glasses there will be a further issue that is lesser in Facebook and blogs. Will it be possible to be aware that while you are among your friends, some of your friends may have placed you online as well? Of course, people write about each other and post photos with other people in them already with the existing systems. However, there is a risk that these glasses are easier to forget and they are shooting images more randomly of everything you see.

Often this is not so bad, as the situation is always at least somewhat social. You are not just muttering to yourself, but it may be that you are having a one night relation with someone, and not aware the other is recording it all through the goggles. Or you mightbe venting about some “moron” to an acquaintance at the same time as their goggles broadcast your veting online, for everyone to see.


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