I spy with my little eye

The upcoming Google glasses have raised concern, or at least interest already among other bloggers too. These are the next technology after smart phones – smart glasses. They will show you, in your field of vision, what and who the things and people around your are. They will work with image identification and search engines – the glasses identify a face in the field of vision and do a Google look-up on them for you. Another feature appears to be that you can post images of what you see to the web, immediately, easily, and even automatically, timed. This is functionality that would be easily connected with Foursquare, Facebook and other social media services.

Now, to the question I always pose in this blog: Where are you with these glasses? Continue reading “I spy with my little eye”

From letter exchange to blog exchange

I recently discovered that the TUCS Technical Report 683 from the University of Turku Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been used as a reference in a blog discussion between two established non-Finnish mathematicians.

The value of this appears complicated. The Web 2.0 easily appears like the fast food equivalent of the “traditional” means of communication and being social. Continue reading “From letter exchange to blog exchange”