To All You Zombies

I’ve had hard time locating this now, but I remember, when I was studying my philosophy minor during my Master’s studies, how the lecturer once said that there is only one real book published about solipsism, and that it’s titled “To All You Zombies”. It appears likely that I have had my memory rot here, and I’m missrecalling the title of the book. If it is so, then all the better, as this blog is strictly speaking not about solipsism.

This blog is about shared presence in mediated environments. Also, my Ph.D. project is about shared presence in mediated environments.

It is my intention with this blog to write things related to shared presence. Formostly for the greater audience (especially in Finland), but also for my own process of thinking and analysing the concept.

This blog intends to ask you the question: “Where are you?” It was an alternative title to this blog, as at the moment that appears to me as the key issue in shared presence. People do not realize where they are, and where those are, with whom they are sharing their presence with. This seems to me also to be the key issue in many of the social problems in the Internet these days. People troll and otherwise abuse each other online, because the don’t realize where they are communicating. One could say that they don’t actually share the presence, or that they don’t understand, where they are being together.

Most of the time, people perceive that they are alone at home, playing some kind of game where everything relates to them alone. No character in this system speaks, unless the speech is motivated by them. There are no other people there. This place is the void where many people are alone and anxious. All the other “characters” are just zombies – NPCs (non-player characters), random encounters. People write to these zombies. And now, I write to all YOU zombies.

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